We weave all our denim in the North of England and finish it in Italy. Our UK selvedge denim is woven on 1950s Blackburn Northrop Shuttle looms and our full width non-selvedge on modern Rapier looms. Our selvedge looms produce a loom-state fabric which is unique and full of character. Why do we finish in Italy and not the UK, put simply there isn’t the expertise or the machinery in the UK to do what our Italian partners can. Our Italian finisher has installed state of the art ozone technology that allows for us to finish our denims ecologically. You might be thinking, “hold on a minute, what about all the travelling”, yes it does mean that our denim is moving around allot before it gets in front of a sewing machine, so to help us out with that we’ve partnered with the logistics company Kuehne + Nagel who are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030. You can read more about their initiative here.

Click here to see our amazing Blackburn Northrop looms in action.