Who We Are

The Hewitt Denim team are a group of Industry professionals who have come together to change the world of denim. We’re passionate about re-creating our industry so that it no longer negatively impacts our environment and our fellow humans. By embracing green technology and innovation, we will be able to meet the needs of our customers and the global consumer.

Why Now?

The global denim market is estimated at over USD 77.7 billion annually.  But the industry has a massive carbon footprint, bulk manufacturing that leads to over-production and waste, zero circularity, and reliance on landfills and burning.  We believe there are better ways to meet the needs of its global customer base, and that’s why we have embarked on this project.

The Solution

Driven by this ethical and environmental agenda, in the Summer of 2026, Hewitt Denim will open the first Vertical Denim Jeans factory in the UK and the most ethical in the world. From day one, we will make denim clothing using the best green/net zero manufacturing technologies.  Our new, fit-for-purpose production facilities in the North of England will enable us to make just what’s needed and only when needed. Our factories will also up skill our local workforce, giving them high-value, rewarding jobs they can be proud of.

The Future

Our hope is that our factories will become a vibrant part of the local communities they inhabit, and together, we can achieve our vision of a brighter, sustainable, and ethical future for the world we live in.